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Charming Greeting Cards

Victorian postcards were widely collected as miniature works of art, with their brilliant colors and detailed images, from the 1880s through the 1920s. In 1906 alone, 770.5 million of these 3x5 postcards were mailed in the United States. Once called the “poor man’s greeting card” because they cost one cent, rather than two cents, to mail, these images can now be yours as standard-sized greeting cards.

Some of the most sought-after postcards were created in Germany, where printers used the most advanced printing methods of the time. To recreate their dedication to quality, these cards are made by hand in Escondido, California, with the same care and attention that the original artists gave to them. The cards are printed commercially on acid-free, archival card stock that preserves the brilliant colors and exquisite details. The the cards are enhanced  with glitter embellishments applied by hand to accent the beauty of these images.
The cards are blank on the inside so you can add your own personal, handwritten message.

We take great pride in our cards and we hope our product will touch the lives of many, and serve as a reminder of our heritage for many years to come.

5" x 8"

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