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Original Traditional Sealing Wax

Our traditional sealing wax  has been made by Scottish artisans for over 300 years in the centuries' old methods and recipes from yesteryear. Only high quality genuine sealing wax with it's glossy appearance will make clear rich impressions-if you want only the original sealing wax- This is it!

This sealing wax distinguishes itself by high gloss, constant color quality and firm texture. It is the style of wax used by sealing wax "purists" or if you are concerned about using only original handmade sealing wax. With the addition of a flex agent, we have made it as flexible as possible, without sacrificing the fact that it is and always will be "Genuine Sealing Wax".
12-15 impressions per stick. Handmade in Scotland

Sparkling Red, Black, Pearl Moss, Chocolate Pearl, Burgundy, Silver.

Please allow 10-14 days for shipping $7.99 each


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